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Biological Encryption Ink Identity Technology
Reliable Counterfeit Elimination. Precise Identity Authentication. Enhanced Security.
New DNSC INKcrypt® is based on revolutionary biological encryption ink identity technology to provide highly sophisticated anti-counterfeit protection, accurate tracking and authentication of physical objects, products and printed items broadly. Hidden in the ink are traces of unique biological identity markers which are encrypted and counterfeit secure. INKcrypt® ink can be used to monitor and trace any object, by allowing you to perform an easy-to-use Qtouch™ test to identify your unique ink on the spot to determine authenticity of your possessions, products, documents or tags. INKcrypt® is offered custom-made through certified vendors, in combination with any x-nano™ ink formulas including MICR and Invisible UV inks, to provide you with the best brand protection, authentication safeguards and document security available!